1) "Vengeance Will Be Sweet" – Victor longs to avenge the wrongs done to him years ago by his evil sister, Toni, and the two brothers (Al and Sebastian) who conspired with her to steal his music business.

2) "On My Way" – Ariel can't wait to be free–today! Her magical attendants, The Divas, join her in song and dance.

3) "Walking On Air" – Floating to earth in a parachute (after Victor brings his private jet down), rock star Freddy has his mind set on love.

4) "Hand in Hand" – Victor and his daughter, Miranda, perform a song he wrote to train her for the future she dreams of on Broadway.

5) "Freedom Song" – Carib, Victor's stepson, is willing to fight to take back the island he loves.

6) "Instant Shine" – Freddy sings to impress Miranda with his music.

7) "Good To Be Bad" – Toni and Sebastian plot another evil deed: rubbing out Al, and taking over a brother's business–again.

8) "I Tell You What" – Carib (and Freddy's low-life band mates) sing a drinking song as they plot to overthrow Victor.

9) "Is This Love?" – Miranda expresses her passion for Freddy in a tango, which ends with their first kiss.

10) "Emotional Wilderness" – Victor is lost in the jungle. His quest for revenge has alienated Mandy, who has run off with Freddy. Ariel comes to Victor's aid with the gift of music.

11) "She Will Go" – Ariel tells Victor that Mandy is destined to leave him, and so is she. He needs to find a way to survive on his own.

12) "The Urge" – Ariel and The Divas sing a song Victor had written years ago for Mandy's mother. It reminds him how it feels to be in love.

13) "Faith, Hope, and Love" – Ariel and The Divas sing another of Victor's old songs (this one written with Carib's mother). It reminds him how important forgiveness is.

14) "That's How I See It Now" – Victor is determined to follow the new path that Ariel (and the power of his own music) helped him find.

15) "What Love Does" – Freddy and Miranda have just written this song, and it brings the cast together.

16) "Ariel's Epilogue" – Ariel sums up what she has learned and taught.

The songs from Ariel's Way are very entertaining and professionally crafted. Artists and composers need to be honest and not cynical in what they share, and Jim Henderson has accomplished this by realizing a dream he's held for years.

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